As states begin lifting their stay at home orders and offices, stores, and venues, etc. begin reopening, there’s a lot to consider with respect to designing spaces that feel safe for occupants. In this panel, six experts in building systems design, healthcare facilities, venues, workplaces, retail spaces, and aviation/transportation hubs joined in a conversation about how each industry is responding to the needs and expectations of the public. They discussed infection control technologies, how designs are changing relating to social distancing, the need for flexibility in design, and most importantly, what these seemingly disparate industries are learning from each other as we all strive to make customers and employees alike feel safe as we begin phasing back to “normal.”


Check out a recording of this webinar below.


Note: This recording is for educational purposes only and is not valid for AIA credit.

About the Authors

Dustin Schafer

Director of Engineering | Senior Vice President
Dustin Schafer is one of the masterminds behind the core foundations of our business: quality, sustainability, and company operations. When he first took on his role as director of sustainable services at Henderson in 2008, his goal was to integrate sustainable design into our teams and projects, but it didn’t stop there. This professional engineer and LEED accredited professional wanted to change the face of company operations one concept at a time. Since then, Dustin has both implemented and improved our services including sustainable master planning, energy benchmarking, and energy modeling procedures and training. Dustin is the kind of person who is known for his genuine desire to make Henderson a great place to work. He talks regularly about the need to grow the careers of our technical staff, and he takes steps forward every day to ensure that happens. Now a senior vice president and our director of engineering, Dustin runs the internal group at Henderson dedicated solely to quality, which is something that sets our firm apart from the competition. It's clear Dustin is not only passionate about his job, but he also truly pushes for the valuable relationships we create with one another along the way — a notion we like to live by at Henderson.