Our industry’s standards are higher than ever. High-performance buildings that are energy-efficient, engaging, and optimized are no longer the exception; they are the expectation. Smart buildings not only provide us a way to meet these expectations but represent a fundamental shift in how we interact and live with the spaces we occupy. It’s about more than just a smart thermostat, or lighting that follows circadian rhythms. It’s about a connection. Today’s technology allows us to directly interact with our environments in ways that didn’t seem possible even a decade ago. Controls design is no longer as simple as standalone HVAC, lighting, access, and elevator controls. In the past, dismissing integration has been the most cost-effective way to optimize a project. Our engineers understand that by embracing interoperability as a necessary component of design we can meet the demands of the industry and provide our clients with the building performance they desire.


  • Smart Building Systems Consulting
  • Smart Building Plan Development
  • Controls Master Planning and Audits
  • Network Controls Consulting
  • Infrastructure Audits
  • Levels of Integration Assessment
  • Commissioning
  • Peer Review

FEATURED Smart Building Systems PROJECTS

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