This confidential client owes much of its success to being able to deliver customers their products in record time. To help succeed with that goal, these delivery stations have been crucial for getting customers their orders fast. Henderson Engineers and Henderson Building Solutions worked together on several of these warehouses across the country, in conjunction with the confidential clients controls company. After their work was complete, we set up time for us to be on-site while they were on the phone, so together we could perform testing on the building systems and ensure they could be controlled remotely. Henderson’s job was to ensure all system glitches were worked out before turning over the building to the owner.

This program utilized Henderson's client's own unique IOQ Assets system, a software that tags all building assets with a unique code that allows them to be tracked during commissioning and throughout the life of the building. Henderson tagged all building assets and entered them into the client's database. We used this process to check all building assets were functioning properly; if we encountered something that needed extra attention, it was flagged in the system to notify the contractor to correct it. This system will continue to be used by the client throughout the life of the building, so setting it up properly was imperative to the success of the project.


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