A world-class team, KC Current, joined the National Women’s Soccer League in 2020 and has been building a permanent place in the community ever since. As a starting point, a best-in-class training facility was recently completed, being the first training facility dedicated to women’s professional sports. This facility raises the bar, complete with hydrotherapy, locker room, weight and cardio center, office and meeting rooms, nutrition center, two grass pitches, and an artificial turf pitch. The players get to develop their skills in a facility specifically designed for their needs in women’s professional sports. KC Current is proud to be paving the way for women and Henderson Engineers is elated to be along for the ride.

Henderson Engineers contributed to the project in several impactful ways. To work on a women’s specific facility, it only made sense to have a predominantly women-led design team of engineers. Henderson delivered that with women in leadership roles such as project manager, principal-in-charge, and heading up a handful of disciplines. Our services included mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire, architectural lighting, as well as a range of low voltage services like audio-video, telecom, and security. Unique design aspects include the primary conditioning being handled by a variable flow refrigerant (VRF) system, allowing for individual space temperature controls throughout the building. A dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) provides conditioning and delivery of outside air to each space and exhausts the locker room and restrooms. A dedicated dehumidification unit is used to condition the hydrotherapy space.  Overall, the project was successfully delivered on schedule to be ready for use ahead of the current season.

Along with the training facility, our team is also contributing to the historic new stadium at Berkley Riverfront Park built for the National Women’s Soccer League that will be complete in 2024.


Kansas City, MO

Project Size

Approx. 17,000 SF


Audio-Video, Electrical, Fire & Life Safety, Mechanical, Plumbing, Security, Telecom


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