Founded in 2006, SoulCycle revolutionized how people approach health and fitness in urban centers. With hundreds of locations across the US, Canada, and the UK, they are designed to both motivate people to exercise and share in the experience. Each location offers access to technology-rich studios located in unique architectural spaces.
SoulCycle and HNY Consulting Engineers partnered together to deliver upgrades to functional design of systems and acoustical engineering design for a number of renovated sites across the country. Each SoulCycle space includes a cycling studio, as well as locker rooms and a laundry room, requiring proper ventilation and HVAC systems designed to react to extreme environmental needs.
In response, HNY coordinates with landlords across NYC to develop cooling and heating media as well as inlet and outlet points for outside air intake and exhaust. HNY also located equipment to confirm adequate power, water, and natural gas capacity are provided as well. And because each site takes on its own life, HNY’s acoustics designers made sure the MEPF systems align with this SoulCycle’s goals for sound transmission.

*Professional engineering services in the states of New York, North Carolina, and Michigan are provided by HNY Consulting Engineers.


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Professional engineering services in the state of New York, Michigan, and North Carolina are provided by HNY Consulting Engineers.