While keeping this science hall’s historical character perfectly intact, Graceland and Henderson renovated this 45 year old landmark to provide modern science classrooms and laboratories. After the improvements, Resch Hall became home to laboratories for teaching chemistry, biology, botany, anatomy, zoology, and physics, prep areas, an SEM suite, lecture halls, classrooms, offices, computer classrooms, and interactive spaces where students can collaborate and learn together.

A new electrical service was designed to provide 480V power for mechanical loads, 120/208V power for laboratories, and efficient, direct/indirect lighting throughout the spaces. Before the renovation, the building had no central cooling system so a new system, with digital controls, was installed.

To save energy, the airflows and fume hood face velocities in these labs were designed to be set back during unoccupied hours. Speaking of energy savings, during the first year of operation, the renovated, newly air conditioned building used less energy than the old. Another fun fact is that while expanding the existing campus central chiller plant and extending new chilled water piping to supply this building, the pumping system was overhauled and redesigned to accommodate serving additional buildings on the campus in the future.


Lamoni, IA

Project Size

Approx. 26,000 SF


Electrical, Fire & Life Safety, Mechanical, Plumbing


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