Henderson Engineers provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire and life safety design services for the development of a $13.5 million new Public Works facility. The project involved complete replacement of the existing Public Works Maintenance and Operations facility. The facility includes a 23,300 SF administration/operations building and a 25,000 SF fleet/shop building with maintenance bays and vehicle wash bay. In addition, the project has achieved USGBC LEED V2.2 Gold.

The project includes geothermal heat pumps located beneath the employee parking area comprised of 40 wells to provide efficient heating and cooling to the administration/operations building. Future roof stub-outs and interior space is allocated to accommodate future PV inverters and roof array. Additionally, high performance / efficient lighting was included throughout the site and within  the fleet and administration facilities. The project included a slow-fill CNG station with twin and quad hose bollard mounted fill dispensers. Henderson designed the natural gas and electrical infrastructure and coordinated with the gas utility to determine line sizing and metering requirements for the CNG station. Included in the infrastructure design was a complete report on the impact of NFPA 52 code requirements and FM insurance requirements for the public project. The project also contains two canopy covered fueling stations with multiple fuel pumps.

Henderson applied sustainable site master planning services for this project: Water recovery analysis with the equipment manufacturer for the vehicle wash bay, site wind patterns, solar, daylighting, and geothermal studies assisted in determining the optimum building placement and site orientation.

Specific to the wash-bay, Henderson worked closely with the manufacturer to identify critical items such as:

Sizing the wash bay and adapting it to the overall building structure and environment.
Vehicle types to be washed.
Peak number of vehicles per hour.
Total number of vehicles per day/week/month.

Employing sustainable MEP design to meet the manufacturer’s re-use system standards. A typical re-use system will recycle most (90-95%) of the water for the wash process and utilize a fresh water rinse cycle for the final rinse. Henderson designed the building systems to help meet this standard- it is for implementation at a later date and a traditional system was favored for the time-being.


Olathe, KS

Project Size

Approx. 48,300 SF


Electrical, Fire & Life Safety, Mechanical, Plumbing


LEED Gold Certification


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