From staff and faculty to facility operation and maintenance, Goshen Health exists beyond the status quo. They place a high value on their employees and create an environment of care where teams and communication thrive. Encouraging their staff to think outside the box, Goshen is nationally recognized for productivity and efficiency, concern for patient care, and job satisfaction.

It's one of the reasons we're such good friends. Goshen Health and Henderson Engineers have been working together to improve the hospital since 2009. As Goshen's exclusive building systems engineer, Henderson helps the hospital plan for new projects and addresses concerns with existing infrastructure.

When Henderson designed the new central plant, complete with steam and hot water boilers, chillers, cooling tower, and generators, they accounted for future expansion. Since then they have provided a holistic view of capacity throughout multiple phases of growth. Some of our most notable projects on the campus have been:

US 33 Medical Office Building
Neuroscience Medical Office Building
Heart and Health Vascular Medical Office Building
Ambulatory Surgical Center Conversion
Multiple Air Handling Unit Replacements
New Catheterization Lab
Operating Room #9 Renovation
Family Medicine & Urgent Care
Radiation Oncology Renovation
Pharmacy Updates


Goshen, IN


Electrical, Fire & Life Safety, Mechanical, Plumbing


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