Ready for adventure? Arc’teryx is always ready, inspired, and committed to whatever the next adventure may bring. So when they started looking at a historic landmark building in SoHo neighborhood of New York City they weren’t scared of that challenge. They knew they needed to partner with companies that were also excited about that challenge. We jumped right into the adventure with them.

Henderson Engineers worked closely with NYC’s Landmarks and Preservation Committee, the building’s co-op board, and the owner to ensure that we met the strict regulations of the historic building and the goals of the client. We presented several solutions to help balance the heating and cooling in the store while also maintaining the exterior and other historical components of the building. The communication and excitement around this project continues to grow for us and we can’t wait for our next adventure with Arc’teryx.

*Professional engineering services in the states of New York, North Carolina, and Michigan are provided by HNY Consulting Engineers.


New York, NY

Project Size

Approx. 4,000 SF


Audio-Video, Electrical, Fire & Life Safety, Mechanical, Plumbing


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Professional engineering services in the state of New York, Michigan, and North Carolina are provided by HNY Consulting Engineers.