We are contracted directly by Nike for all Nike Factory Store projects throughout the US and Canada, completing 15-20 new Nike Factory Stores and 35-40 Nike Factory Store expansion projects each year since 2011.

The scope of each project ranges from minor sales area updates to complete overhauls of the store layout across several nationwide locations. The MEP design for spaces such as these requires careful coordination, focused attention to detail, and creative solutions to seamlessly integrate the building systems with the architectural design. The Henderson team continues to provide complex engineering solutions for Nike, while keeping serviceability and maintainability top of mind. We also developed a pilot mechanical design for Nike Factory Stores that is expected to reduce energy consumption by 27% with a 2.5 year payback. As a direct result of Henderson’s innovative designs, every new Nike Factory Store is LEED Gold certified with several stores having achieved LEED Platinum certification level. Those are pretty big victories in our books.

*All licensed engineering services in New York and Michigan are provided by HNY Consulting Engineers.


Multiple Locations


Acoustics, Electrical, Fire & Life Safety, Mechanical, Plumbing, Sustainability


LEED Gold or Platinum Certified


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Professional engineering services in the states of New York and Michigan are provided by HNY Consulting Engineers.