Majordomo is the first west coast location for the NYC-based Momofuku brand. Part of a new development in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, this cutting-edge restaurant is situated within a collection of industrial warehouses that are the site of a new entertainment destination along with a cocktail bar, creative offices, and concert/venue space.

Due to the restaurant’s aggressive opening schedule, temporary service was needed until the campus’ electrical upgrade was complete. The electrical service provided for the restaurant was 208/120 volts 3-phase (to match the future site’s electrical service). However, the overhead power distribution was still a 240/120 volts 3-phase unbalanced delta system. To use this as a temporary power source, a transformer was needed to convert 240 volts to 208 volts. This approach is typically not acceptable but through careful coordination with LADWP, we ensured the loads could be accommodated by the overhead line.

In addition, we provided recommendations for the other building systems to accommodate the challenges presented by the existing structure. The original saw-tooth roof provided limited space for equipment, so we opted for an evaporative cooler versus rooftop units to cool the kitchen area. With these upgrades in place, patrons and staff can enjoy Momofuku’s new concept.


Los Angeles, CA

Project Size

Approx. 5,764 SF


Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing


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