In working with high-end jewelry retailers a more sophisticated approach to lighting is required. Based on design approaches started in New York and modified in San Francisco and Bal Harbour, Florida, the Hangzhou, China facility required alternate design methods to contend with the existing site conditions and daylight influences.

For the two-story main sales area on the first floor, four-head fixture clusters with warm color temperature metal halide precise optic light sources illuminate the consultant’s desk and project light through large carat diamonds offering more brilliance and fire than single sources located directly above. A warm color LED cove defines the outer boundaries of the two-story space, complemented by a cooler tone LED inner cove surrounding a custom, large scale pendant fixture. Unique to Graff, self-contained display vitrines employ very high color temperature, 6,000K, LED lamps to highlight exclusive pieces.

Upper floors contain VIP sales areas with dimmable low voltage sources at consultants’ desks to create lower light level zones conducive to VIP purchasing as well as creating moods for nighttime functions. Complementing sources, each dedicated for a specific purpose helped to create a visually disciplined store able to sustain itself amidst the competition in the European-style street market of China.


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