Since the 1940s, the City of Santa Monica leased tenant spaces within the Santa Monica Airport campus. Due to the age and deferred maintenance, a number of deficiencies were apparent and needed to be identified. Henderson Engineers was part of a design team that provided comprehensive building assessments and schematic designs with cost estimate for nine buildings within the Santa Monica Airport campus. 

Henderson developed a report of the MEP systems which included basic condition assessment which will detail the existing MEP equipment, a visual inspection and grading of the equipment, MEP related code deficiencies, basic recommendations on equipment usable life. Our review included code violations, life safety, building system deficiencies, general maintenance, facility upgrades to Class B and Class C office space, and to refurbish the existing building.

This project had a strong sustainability component with some buildings aiming for net-zero. Henderson worked with the project sustainability consultant and the architectural team on devising an insulated metal panel wall design for one of the buildings targeting net-zero that allowed for the natural ventilation of outside air into the space via passive air collectors. These collectors allowed for the outside air to be conditioned via solar heat gain prior to entering the space and would work in tandem with a building mechanical fan system to condition the space with tempered outside air.

Henderson and the design team met with passive air collector product manufacturers and developed a block load calculation to determine whether the design solution, as well as a building photovoltaic system design, presented a path for the Owner to achieve net-zero.


Santa Monica, CA

Project Size

Approx. 150,000 SF


Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing


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