Working with several national architecture firms, Henderson Engineers has mastered the understanding of the movie industry wants and needs. As an industry leader, AMC takes pride in providing audiences with state-of-the-art entertainment facilities for more than 80 years. We've helped drive that by providing building system design services for these global multiplexes that include appetizing concession areas, stadium-style seating, mezzanine levels with a projection booth, and private office areas.

Major components include:

Custom plumbing fixtures
Data/security system provisions
Fire alarm systems
High temperature domestic hot water recirculating system   
Power systems with an inverter for emergency power   
Specialty lighting systems with dimming controls      
Variable volume rooftop units with fan powered boxes   

Our in-house technology design team has completed acoustical design and testing on more than 4,000 AMC screens in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, and Japan helping us grow into a global leader in theater design. One might say that was it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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Randhurst, IL - LEED Silver Certification


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