Who says organic food has to be "so expensive?" Parent company Whole Foods Market answers the question by rolling out their everyday value brand, 365 by Whole Foods, to the budget-conscious consumer. Our strong partnership with Whole Foods made Henderson an easy and sensible choice to handle the engineering design when this smaller format was born in 2015. Keeping the same organic concept but moving to more of a prototypical design, we continued following the company's specific design requirements. We were able to help streamline the production process by incorporating some new technology that is sure to change the industry. By integrating electronic shelving into our designs, the stores are able to deliver the products onto the sales floor more efficiently, which then passes the savings onto the customer. It's a win-win situation and it's this type of innovative and creative thinking that has further strengthened our partnership with the Whole Foods family. They know we're responsive and we have proven ourselves, time and time again, to be the experts in grocery design.


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