Henderson Engineers Director of Engineering/Senior Vice President Dustin Schafer shared infection control expertise in a USA Today article on how cruise ship design could evolve to ward against outbreaks by Morgan Hines. Schafer noted that the building design guidelines Henderson is using for infection control also would apply to cruise ships, with limited spacing and additional efforts required for social distancing.

“Air and surface cleaning becomes even more critical,” he shared. “As a first-line strategy, I would recommend retrofits to remove required touch points throughout the ships.”

He also recommended that cruise lines “utilize portable UVc lights or potentially fogging systems to sanitize high-occupancy spaces such as dining and entertainment areas.”

Henderson is engineering the new normal and confronting COVID-19 through design and innovation strategies. Social distancing and infection control technologies will be a critical part of every design conversation for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, our experts aren’t daunted by the changing landscape. Instead, we’ve come together to share our collective expertise and best practices from across the range of buildings we help design.

Our practice directors have developed design guidelines for infection control in healthcare, aviation, grocery, K-12 education, venue, retail, restaurant, workplace, and warehouse. We’re proud to be contributing to solutions that contribute to the greater good of society and keep building occupants as safe and healthy as possible.

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