Henderson Engineers Director of Engineering/Senior Vice President Dustin Schafer was featured on 41 Action News in Kansas City describing the firm’s recent installation of UV lighting in the HVAC system at the company’s workplace headquarters building in suburban Kansas City. The UV technology makes indoor settings safer by disinfecting air that circulates through HVAC systems.

The retrofit solution for industrial HVAC systems includes UV lighting, which can kill pathogens that drift upward in tiny, airborne particles.

“What it does is clean the air with each pass,” Schafer described. “As the air goes through the space, through the ductwork, up into the air, the handler gets clean and disinfected and then it gets put back into the space.”

UV disinfection is a “known disinfectant for air, water and nonporous surfaces,” according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It “may also be effective in inactivating” COVID-19, per the federal agency.

“For it to work, the UV light has to be exposed to the air for a sufficient time,” Schafer noted. “We’ve sized it for really high exposure, so at a single pass we get an activation.”

Henderson’s core values drive the firm to put people first and lead in innovation. Known for advising clients on how to best be safe in their buildings, the company has made the same commitment to its employees.

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