Henderson Engineers Aviation Practice Director/Associate Vice President James Dietz was the featured guest on the AviationPros Podcast with Airport Business Magazine Editor-in-Chief Joe Petrie discussing the future of airport design. Dietz shared his expertise on what measures are being taken currently to create the safest travel conditions possible and how quality engineering can enhance infection control strategies at airports.

Last month, Dietz was a featured guest author on AviationPros.com and in Airport Business, providing his expertise on UV disinfection. He noted that regaining passenger confidence is paramount and requires a multi-faceted approach to cleaning, and ultraviolet light is a key component of a total approach to infection control techniques.

Dietz outlined how UV light offers several benefits to airports and can be easily adapted and retrofitted into air handlers and ceilings without extensive revisions to the structure and layout. He expanded into the ranges of UV lighting and important items for a facility manager to look for when specifying and reviewing products.

The role of a quality engineer cannot be understated amid current conditions as the aviation industry strives to rebound and provide the safest possible conditions for air travelers. Solutions are available and can help all airport facility managers, all while helping restore passenger confidence. Dietz thrives in providing solutions which balance safety, creativity, and function. He can be reached directly here.

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