Continuing education through engineer—led technical classes

Henderson University was designed to provide opportunities for our clients to earn continuing education credits and stay up to date on industry changes. During these unprecedented times, we’re providing 20 of our AIA-accredited courses via online presentation. To schedule a session for your team, contact us today.

As a company made up of problem-solvers, we’re here to help. We’ve been having extensive conversations about how COVID-19 is affecting our partners across industries and what can be done to lessen the impact. If there’s a specific topic related to the coronavirus and your market, contact us today.



  • Wi-Fi, DAS, & the Value of Connection in Today’s Venues

    COURSE OVERVIEW Whether it’s sharing your experience on social media, engaging in real-time with the event you’re attending, or responding to safety and security threats, today’s world relies on our ability to digitally connect. That’s ...

  • Large Format Audio-Video Trends in Venues

    COURSE OVERVIEW Technology is ever-evolving and while some technological advances aim for the smallest possible solution, when it comes to audio-video, sometimes bigger is better. This presentation will provide attendees with an understanding of common ...

  • Elevators 101

    COURSE OVERVIEW This class will give architects and owners a general understanding of the different types and components of elevator systems including the various types of elevator modernizations. After this class, participants will be able ...