Continuing education through engineer—led technical classes

Henderson University was designed to provide opportunities for our clients to earn continuing education credits and stay up to date on industry changes. During these unprecedented times, we’re providing 20 of our AIA-accredited courses via online presentation. To schedule a session for your team, contact us today.

As a company made up of problem-solvers, we’re here to help. We’ve been having extensive conversations about how COVID-19 is affecting our partners across industries and what can be done to lessen the impact. If there’s a specific topic related to the coronavirus and your market, contact us today.



  • Energy Code for Architects

    COURSE OVERVIEW Energy codes are advancing and more requirements are being added in each new edition. This constant change makes having a fundamentals understanding of energy code requirements extremely important for architects to design successfully. ...

  • California Energy Code 2019 Updates

    COURSE OVERVIEW The purpose of this presentation is to examine the most recent version of the 2019 Triennial Edition of the Title 24 California Energy Code in the context of previous version as well as ...