Continuing education through engineer—led technical classes

Henderson University was designed to provide opportunities for our clients to earn continuing education credits and stay up to date on industry changes. During these unprecedented times, we’re providing 20 of our AIA-accredited courses via online presentation. To schedule a session for your team, contact us today.

As a company made up of problem-solvers, we’re here to help. We’ve been having extensive conversations about how COVID-19 is affecting our partners across industries and what can be done to lessen the impact. If there’s a specific topic related to the coronavirus and your market, contact us today.



  • Positive Displacement Ventilation: Golden 1 Center

    Come and learn how this innovative air delivery system is helping turn traditional air conditioning on its head – to the benefits of fan experience and the bottom line!

  • Architectural Acoustics

    A basic yet essential presentation to enhance the acoustical performance of the facilities you design.

  • Fire & Life Safety First Steps – Developing Your Building’s Scope & Site

    COURSE OVERVIEW This course identifies the significant building and fire code provisions that most affect your building construction type and site location when beginning a new project. It will outline the order in which the ...

  • Building Systems for Schools: History & Master Planning

    COURSE OVERVIEW Over the years education has evolved and so have the facilities themselves. From standard instruction in traditional classrooms to collaborative hands-on learning in flexible spaces, to keep up schools have seen upgrades, additions, ...

  • Navigating Commissioning Requirements

    COURSE OVERVIEW A clear understanding of not only what commissioning is but also how it should be applied. Depending on the owner’s goals and code requirements, commissioning can mean the difference between just checking a ...

  • Infection Control in Buildings

    COURSE OVERVIEW Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, building owners and operators around the world have been focused on what they can do to make their spaces safer. Many are looking to infection control technologies integrated with ...