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Henderson is Employee Owned, What Does that Mean to You?

We’ve always been a company that values people. Not only do we strive to hire the best employees, but we also equip and empower them to meet our clients’ needs. That makes a difference. Our priority to deliver an exceptional client experience has led to more than 85% of our business being with repeat clients.

It was only natural that we made the decision to further invest in our people by becoming an employee-owned firm or ESOP, earlier this year. We saw it as the perfect next step for a company that’s always put people — both employees and clients — first.

As an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company, our employees’ efforts that have always impacted the success, growth, and bottom line of our firm now also impact their personal bottom lines. This was one of the many reasons our firm’s previous ownership group of 58 overwhelmingly voted to create an ESOP.

“What I love about being an ESOP is that those who share the effort and responsibility can also share the rewards,” said Robert Baehr, engineering director. “It’s an investment of responsibility that builds a future for each of us; and even better, it provides a fulfilling journey along the way.”

But moving to an ESOP does more than provide a more rewarding workplace. Becoming an ESOP means our employees are motivated by their “owner mindset,” which helps inspire innovative thinking, intense collaboration, a vibrant work environment, and ongoing efforts to make the company better, all of which results in top-notch service to our clients.

Because ESOP companies report a much higher employee retention rate, it naturally leads to an enhanced client experience. Employees enjoy being able to build long-lasting, nurtured relationships with their clients over time.  And, as owners, they are more invested in their clients’ success. Clients will notice prompt and heightened service every step of the way when working with us, from the first call at the reception desk to our project delivery and beyond.

“As an employee owner, I am empowered and energized to go the extra mile for my clients and my fellow Henderson employee owners,” said Alyssa Stats, business sector marketing manager. “The compounding effect is that we can achieve tremendous results and shape skylines across the country.”

Henderson was ideally suited to be an ESOP because our culture has always prioritized client experience and solving challenges with innovative solutions. This new component means Team Henderson has doubled down on working to improve our processes to deliver a quality product to our clients.

To learn more about our employee owners, visit: https://hndrson.co/EmployeeOwned

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