Phil Miller


Venue Sector Project Director | Principal
We considered ourselves lucky when Phil joined Henderson Engineers in 2001 and his impact only continues to grow every single year. A steadfast leader in our firm, Phil now oversees the five practices within our venue sector, working hand-in-hand with our offices throughout the county. Project teams constantly use Phil as a resource for complex problems because he always knows the right questions to ask and gives insights that lead to a solution that suites the needs of all parties involved.

Working on some of the largest, most impressive venues in the country, he has uncanny understanding of a client’s needs and meticulous eye for quality — making him a hit with team members and clients. Whether he’s advising a client directly, improving a complex system design, or developing a strategic plan for Henderson’s future, Phil has a unique way of seeing a scenario from all angles and offering a different perspective.


  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

    Kansas State University

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