Julie Thompson

Client Sector Practice Director
Julie's experience at Henderson Engineers with engineering, project management, and her clients spans more than 30 years. Often described as one of the kindest engineers you’ll ever meet, Julie is intentional about utilizing the technical expertise and industry knowledge she has gained throughout her career to encouraging her coworkers and mentor the next generation of designers. Julie is also an active participant in many of Henderson's initiatives including, our in-house training program and all of our diversity, equity, and inclusion groups: Empower, REAL, and UNITE.

As a client sector practice director, Julie is proactive in overseeing projects, staff, workload forecasting, and client goals. With experience on a variety of retail projects, Julie can quickly assess a project and adapt to what is needed in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry. When Julie is leading the way, you can rest easy you’re on the right path.


  • Bachelor of Architectural Engineering

    Kansas State University

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