Maggie Curcio

Chief People Officer | Principal
Maggie is a people person, which is good since she’s the first Chief People Officer (CPO) in the history of Henderson Engineers. Maggie joined Henderson with more than 20 years of human resources experience and leads our firm’s employee growth and development initiatives. As CPO, she’s responsible for the oversight of our HR department, driving company culture initiatives, growing our diversity and inclusion programs, and focusing on leadership and employee development.

A Chicago native and lifelong Cubs fan, Maggie loves the role that HR plays within an organization as much as she loves reading a good book or traveling the world. Maggie is always moving forward, which you can see when she’s running, cycling, and elevating Henderson to new heights. She’s a firm believer that when people feel engaged, connected, and productive, they are stronger employees and better human beings in general. She’s passionate about creating experiences and connecting with people, making her the perfect fit to drive our company’s vision and purpose.


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