Dustin Padget


Refrigeration Technical Director | Associate
As an associate and refrigeration technical director, Dustin provides oversight of anything refrigeration by keeping up with the latest industry trends, managing our in-house technical resources and training program, and collaborating with industry partners. Dustin started as a refrigeration designer on day one out of college at Henderson Engineers. Dustin says that because of our company's culture, he's had the opportunity to shape his career and choose both the technical and project management path, helping him become a well-rounded engineer through an understanding of all aspects of our operations. As math and science have always intrigued him, he naturally approaches most things in life from multiple angles, coming away with a deeper understanding of “why/how” in addition to “what”.

Whether it's about the industry, the work we do, the people, or about himself — Dustin has never stopped learning. Every day, every project, and every person has their own qualities and quirks that keep his work life interesting. He's an active member in the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council, an action-oriented environmental nonprofit dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from HFC refrigerants. Within our firm, he's also involved with our REAL (Race, Equity, and Learning) affinity group and internal fundamental classes, mentoring the next generation of engineers on how refrigeration plays a key role in the quality of life in the modern age. Without it, there would be no air-conditioning, prolonged shelf-life of foods and medicines, or any other actively cooled technology throughout so many industries.


  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

    Missouri University of Science and Technology

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