Steven Neville

Workplace Practice Director | Mixed Use Practice Director | Associate Vice President

A positive attitude, even-keeled temperament, and ability to impact others will take you a long way in life. For Steven Neville, these are traits that allow him to thrive as our mixed use practice director while working with some of our premier clients. He is also a talented darts player, which always aligns with his role in keeping his team on target. Steven runs point for our mixed use practice that includes workplace, hospitality, and housing, working with our experts in those respective verticals on strategy and execution.

Since joining Henderson in 2006, he has excelled in keeping things moving in the right direction and maximizing the strengths of each fellow team member to position his squad for success. His mechanical engineering knowledge and experience spans from straightforward tenant finishes to complex process-driven designs. He plans for the unknown and makes it a priority to understand and implement designs that meet owner requirements and allow flexibility for the end users. Passionate about identifying and solving problems, he applies these qualities to redevelopment and remodeling projects. A strong believer that environments where people live, work, and play are essential to community success, Steven brings a forward-thinking mindset to all the developments he works on. He is just as passionate, although maybe not always as even-keeled, when he is supporting his favorite sports teams – the Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs, and Kansas State Wildcats, his alma mater. When it comes to finding the right mix of gifted, inspiring, and fun, Henderson has hit a bullseye with Steven.