Andrea Mulvany


Director of Kansas City Operations | Principal
Andrea is synonymous with dedication. From her early days as an electrical engineer, she has been able to take her natural skills in leadership, efficiency, productivity, and hard work to the next level, eventually leading her to run our downtown Kansas City office. Not only does she manage the operations and efficiency of her team, but she also wears several hats in the engineering field. Professional engineer, principal, and director of our arts and culture practice, Andrea knows how to lead employees to deliver on client expectations, ensuring that each project will satisfy the end-users as intended.

She is responsible for the design of facility systems that are both innovative and cost-effective, and she specializes in performing arts centers, commercial interiors, retail, healthcare, and educational facilities. Standing as a strong advocate for high-quality work, Andrea’s ambition and work ethic have had a huge impact on Henderson’s success since she joined our team in 2006.


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