John Kaloupek

Senior Vice President

Ask John about his favorite project and he’ll tell you he can’t pick just one. Whenever he closes out a job, it always feels just a little bittersweet because he doesn’t want it to end. This senior vice president is always proud of what the design team accomplished and how the relationships with the client and industry partners have grown. It’s that kind of humble oversight that makes John a great leader. Since joining Henderson in 2001, he’s been a respected and valued asset to the growth of the company. Currently, John serves as the project executive over one of our largest retail programs. While he’s been a respected member of Team Henderson in successfully contributing to the growth of our firm, it’s not just his business acumen we admire. Whether he’s mentoring young designers and up-and-coming leaders or helping his clients achieve their end goals, John is motivated by his ability to add value to the lives of those he works with.