John Kaloupek

Senior Vice President

Ask John Kaloupek about a favorite project, and he’ll honestly tell you he can’t pick just one. Whenever he closes out a job, it’s almost bittersweet because he doesn’t want it to end. This senior vice president can always look back and be proud of what his design team accomplished. It’s that kind of humble oversight that makes John a great leader. Since joining the Henderson team in 2001, he’s been a respected and valued asset to the growth of the company. Currently John serves as the project executive over one of our largest retail programs, and he also has oversight of our Tampa, Orlando, and Houston offices. It’s obvious he’s been successful in our business and in growing our client base. But it’s John, the person, who we admire most. John is motivated by his ability to add value to the lives he touches. Whether that’s mentoring the team he supervises or designing for the end-user of a new building, he knows that what we do is important to a lot of people. John is responsible for the design, management, and coordination of several retail programs, and as illustrated by his LEED Accreditation, he is committed to promoting energy efficiency and sustainable design.