Carl Holden

Associate Vice President

Carl Holden is not only known for being responsive and thorough, but he’s also classified as the multitasking master behind the scenes. His incredible efficiency and strong passion for engineering has helped shape him into the mentor and mechanical lead he is today. Carl joined Henderson in 2003 and is currently an associate vice president leading a team of 35 pursuing work in the education, corporate, and retail markets. In addition to advocating for innovation and productivity, Carl designs mechanical and plumbing systems for a wide range of government, educational, sustainable, retail and healthcare facilities — and has delivered projects both nationally and internationally. His hands-on method of leadership is key in identifying best practices to identify project risks and design MEP systems that are in the client’s best interest. With a strength in balancing creativity with function, Carl successfully leads his teams in finding the right solution for every design. Competitive and quick-thinking, Carl is also a master on the basketball court.