Justin Harvey

Warehouse & Distribution Practice Director | Associate

When Justin Harvey was a teenager in Texas, a teacher told him he possessed the skills to become a talented architectural engineer. She was right, and Justin has never looked back. He joined our Henderson Engineers team in Houston following graduation from the University of Kansas and has thrived ever since returning to the Lone Star State. Building and designing have always come natural to Justin, which aligns well with his role as an associate and the director of Henderson’s warehouse & distribution practice. He leads our team of experts on large-scale designs of facilities to maximize supply chains for some of the world’s biggest retailers. Justin excels at coordination and providing value to clients throughout the design and construction process. He can also talk in-depth about motorized sorting conveyors and forklift battery chargers, among a myriad of other topics for our distribution centers that have earned LEED Gold certification. We saw something special in Justin when he joined us in 2004. Thankfully, Mrs. Sanders noticed it more than a decade before us.