Robert Baehr

Associate Vice President

If you ask colleagues to describe Robert Baehr, the first word they use is passionate. He is relentlessly committed to technical excellence, has a devotion and excitement for the industry, and is dedicated to helping his partners and co-workers succeed. For Robert, quality is more than setting standards and checking plans against them. It means ensuring every design we create benefits from Henderson’s wealth of experience and the latest industry trends and developments. Early in his career as an electrical engineer, Robert showed a passion for process implementation, championing improvements wherever he saw a need. Now, leading our engineer-led design-build (ELDB) team, he helps us to offer clients both building systems design and construction services under one roof, ensuring owners know what they’re getting and that they get exactly what they expect. Robert knows that on the other side of every design is a person. And an opportunity for growth. That’s why he invests his time into mentoring Henderson’s next generation of engineers. Robert is determined to know the purpose and intention behind everything he does, which is why he comes to work every day, living the motto that "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.