Retro-Commissioning is vitally important to building owners who seek savings in operations and maintenance. Unsung compared to its counterpart of new building commissioning, Retro-Commissioning often costs less, yields more savings and therefore has quicker paybacks when compared to new building Cx… paybacks that typically average less than a year! From time to time, you may be receiving inquiries about this subject from your clients. But what exactly is Retro-Commissioning? What is the process and how does it add value? Henderson Building Solutions, a division of Henderson Engineers, Inc., provides a wide range of commissioning services to ensure that building systems are performing according to the contract documents, the design intent, and the Owner’s operational needs. This presentation will walk you through the existing building commissioning services Henderson Building’s offers in order to build on your understanding about current requirements and prepare you to have informed conversations with your clients.



  1. Understand the requirements for LEED existing building commissioning, particularly for investigation and analysis and how it sets the stage for implementation and ongoing commissioning.
  2. Identify the retro-commissioning sequence as prescribed by option 1 of EA credit 2.1 of LEED EB O+M.
  3. Describe an ASHRAE Level II energy audit as prescribed in option 2 of EA credit 2.1 of LEED EB O+M.
  4. Understand key players and their roles and responsibilities in the commissioning process.



CONS 2120



AIA LU | HSW Approved






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