Gone are the days of “He shoots. He scores.” pouring out of an analog radio broadcast. The digital age is upon us. With it ushers in a host of new technologies designed to complement the traditional sporting event and enhance the user’s experience. At a fan’s fingertips and within his or her field of view is a countless amount of accessible information streaming across boards and screens. For the facility operators, useful data on ticketing, video analytics, and equipment operations is available unlike ever before. And for the security team, new technologies for gunshot detection and drone surveillance help keep the people safe. The paradigm has shifted and technology is driving the change. Your Henderson team—experts in both technology and sports design—is here to help you sort through the latest trends and identify what comes next.



  1. Understand “hyper-connectivity” for fans and how they access information using Wi-Fi, Distributed Antenna Systems, and 5G technology.
  2. Identify improvements in video displays (size, pixel/pitch/resolution, cost).
  3. Understand new security system features and how these are used to improve safety, expand the fan experience, and generate a return on investment.
  4. Identify enhancements in broadcast technology such as streaming and mobile delivery systems. Understand how these will impact fans wherever they may be watching.



SR 1120



AIA LU  Approved






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