Over the years education has evolved and so have the facilities themselves. From standard instruction in traditional classrooms to collaborative hands-on learning in flexible spaces, to keep up schools have seen upgrades, additions, and renovation that have left them with electrical systems from one decade, an HVAC system from another, or even a hodgepodge of components from throughout the years in a single system. It often seems like the only constant in the systems that support your building is change.

A successful learning environment is safe, comfortable, and distraction free, all things that are reliant on the optimization of your building systems. In this session, experts with years of experience partnering with districts across the state of Kansas on master planning will discuss the history of these different systems, what key trends affected buildings in different time periods, and how to identify what you have in your facility. Because once you know what you have, you can better prioritize improvements and make your budget work harder.


  1. Identify what systems are likely in their facilities based on key indicators.
  2. Understand how to master plan using that knowledge.
  3. Discuss how building systems in schools have evolved.
  4. Forecast potential maintenance issues.






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