LED technology has made steady advances over the past several years. Due to its flexibility with color options and the ability to foster energy-efficient design, it has replaced many of the other lighting technologies. More recently, we are seeing this transformation in arena sports lighting with a flood of new technologies and manufacturers. In order to better understand the current state of LED arena lighting, Henderson Research chose to take a closer look at these fixtures. Our research sought to determine individual fixture performance, color, and glare control. This engaging and thought-provoking presentation will lead the participant through the process and the findings, discuss why design matters, and culminate in recommendations on the design approach.



  1. Understand the process used by Henderson Research to evaluate the multitude of fixtures studied.

  2. Identify which baseline metrics are used to rate fixtures on quality factors such as performance, color, and glare control and what minimum thresholds should be achieved in order to meet professional and collegiate standards.

  3. Learn about the results of the study, why fixtures met or exceeded minimum standards, and why they fell short.

  4. Go beyond laboratory and field studies to understand why fixture performance is only part of the equation for success. In the end, design matters.


SR 1110



AIA LU | HSW Approved
GBCI Certified




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